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You must have felt many times, why it is necessary to have proper clothes while exercising as you are going to get sweaty anyway. Your performance is effected by what you wear on the field while exercising.


Wearing a right apparel can help to improve your performance, while indulging in any exercise or sports activity.

So the five reasons why you must be investing on the right clothing is listed below

Boosts confidence:

If you believe in your clothing, it will help you to perform better.

The studies that have been carried in the field of cognition, have shown that wearing the right clothes at your workplace helps to have a positive impact. If you know that you are looking great, then it will help you to act well too. So if you wear the right clothes to gym, you may exercise well too.

It has been found that there is an increase in confidence while you wear the dress than to the time when you don’t. So when you have right dress and equipments for your activity, you are bound to improve your performance.

Improves performance:

When it comes to professional swimming, some outfit has been banned as they help the swimmer to complete his task early, by increasing aerodynamic flow. The person who worn swimsuits made from polyurethane found it helpful and so they were banned in 2010 following the complaints from senior athletes.

When it comes to running or jogging, you may need a t-shirt which wicks moisture and keeps your body dry. This will help you to remain comfortable during the exercise. In case you wear a non breathable dress, heat produced while running will get trapped inside and will produce more heat. This will make you uncomfortable and ultimately your exercise period will be cut short.

Moreover, the pair of running shoes should not be used while playing soccer. They lack stability, flexibility as well as traction which is required while playing the game.

Prevents injury:

If you wear improperly fitted dress during the sports activity, chances are there you can get injured.

There are different climate across the nations, so you need different kinds of clothing to protect yourself. The clothing that you need in the cold climate may not be the same that you need during the hot climate.

You need to wear the right kind of shoes while involving in sports activities. A wrong pair of shoes may cause you cramps and blisters. If you have weak ankles, then you need to wear high top shoes. A well cushioned shoes will protect your legs from jumps.

A proper pair of shoes may also cause injury if they are worn out. So, you need to change them after 400 – 500 miles. You can look at the mid-sole for damage.

Get well fitted clothes:

Many a times people buy wrong clothes while going behind cheap deals. In the beginning you will feel that you had a great deal, but to later realize you have brought wrong fitting clothes for yourself.

If you are wearing a tight t-shirt then you will feel uncomfortable while doing exercise and it may even restrict your movements during the sports activity.

It is necessary to focus on your activity rather than on your clothes and so you need to wear the comfortable ones

Helps in recovery process:

A study, which was conducted in Germany suggested that compression clothing helped in the recovery process, while another study conducted in US stated that compression clothing has no effect on the body. So the results were conflicting.

Compression clothing increases compression on the body and thus increases circulation. It has a massaging effect on the body. Increase in blood flow helps to reduce lactic acid content in the muscles. As a result of this, the muscles remain less stiff. When it comes to compression clothing, no negative effects have been mentioned so far.

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