I have been on the search for a pair of red skinny jeans for the last few months, I knew in my head exactly the ones I wanted.  They had to be bright red, not too skinny, not a low waist and not a silly price.

On my travels I managed to find the most perfect ones…except they were for Ben.

So he had the fabulous red trousers (he also has a green pair too) from H & M that are to be the clothing hit of the spring /summer for many boys.  Green and red ones modelled by Joe and Ben.


But I was still no closer to finding the perfect red skinny jeans.

The lovely Fimb tweeted me last week to ask had I seen the ones in New Look, I headed over there and ordered some hoping that they would be THE ones.

They arrived today and they are PERFECT!  the smaller of the 2 sizes I ordered fit (always a bonus) and they are really bright red with a waist where I need it to be.  The legs are not too tight but still skinny style.

But then as I was looking at my wardrobe of what to wear with them it hit me, not only do I have to co-ordinate my wardrobe with them, I also have to make sure that Ben doesn’t wear his at the same time.  Oh the pressure!

And don’t start me on the fact I have only just realised that my one and only pair of converse are red too! Arghhhhhh

Still the jeans are rather gorgeous 🙂


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