Ben was given £5 last week by his Grandad and I put it in a money box for him, later we were at the shops and he NEEEEEEDED a Chuggington set, it was reduced from £26.99 to £6.99, so a bargain and he had been a good boy (fill in here with more reasons why I felt it was ok to buy it)


I told him if he wanted to spend the money that had been given to him on it that was ok, but that was it, no Finn McMissile with wings (from Car 2… obviously) that he had NEEEEEEDED 2 days before.

This has led me to thinking should I start giving him pocket money, even £1 a week that he can save up to buy things, either the magazine with plastic crap on the front that never gets opened once the toy is ripped off as there are not enough hours/days in the week at the moment, or the next Cars 2 car that he manages to find that he doesn’t have.

I am not the best in the world with money and I would love to install better ideas in him.

So is giving pocket money the way to go to give a sense he has to save up and wait for things?

What age did you start giving pocket money?  How much did you give and was it dependent on their behaviour?



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