I have the Sunday Times Style magazine given to me each week, I have grown up reading it as the only part of the massive Sunday Times that I could cope with.

In last weeks edition there was an article by Sarah Sanderson on What it feels like to cope.  One week, happy families. The next, a single mum on food vouchers.  (I can’t link as you have to pay to access on line) It was her story about going from a fairly affluent place of being a SAHM with no money worries and a partner who provided everything, to being a single Mum, signing on and surviving on food vouchers.

It was a positive piece about how she worked hard on her studies and got a good job after and was able to provide for herself and her child and survive without her partners money.  All good.

Well, kind of…

It was the last paragraph that got me, as after the main part being about her passion and dedication it then ended on the and she found a new man and it was all wonderful and her life is now complete blah blah (maybe not exact quote)

And that is what firstly annoyed me and then secondly got me thinking, why does happy ever after mean you have met your partner?  Is life not complete if you are alone?  Of course I can say this with my ‘Been there & done that’ hat on, which yes does make a difference than having just been single.

But should all single Mums and Dads be hunting for another partner?  Is that what will make their life complete?  Oh this is not a judgement on those that do this and do have the happily ever after, but a question is that the only happily ever after?

If you are looking for that to complete you and your life will it always feel empty with that gap?  Or is it about finding peace with your life as it is?


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