Ah don’t they look so sweet and innocent. Harmless you might say, those happy little o’s.

I warn you though, they are made by an evil force, whoever designed cockroaches had a hand in these.

No matter how much or often I hoover, sweep, mop and dust, there will always be at least one of little o’s on the floor. I spend my life picking them up.  They also get into the most bizarre places, I have twigged that they were going inside Ben’s pj’s so were then being transferred upstairs when pj bottoms removed (don’t ask how)This led to one being on the bathroom floor and being picked up and eaten by Ben yesterday before I could intervene. Yum, tasty.

I really do think if the worlds ends and it is only cockroaches left they will build their new houses from, eat and use as a flotation device cheerios as they will never all be destroyed.

Maybe that is it, they are multiplying behind my back? Preparing to take over the world???

Or maybe I just have serious cheerio paranoia ;o)

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