The great currant buns in a baker’s shop debate of 2012

On Tuesday night I was doing my usual last minute prep for Woodchips  and had decided that we would do the song “5 currant buns in a bakers shop” with some laminated buns and 1p’s

I had the simple task of printing out the currant buns, but as many things in life it didn’t turn out to be quite that simple.

As with many nursery rhymes there are lots of different versions, some have different words in different parts of the country, some have been changed to become more pc, and others have been added to over the years.  And everyone thinks that their version in the right one!

So I asked on Facebook, what is your version of currant buns in a baker’s shop?  Do they have sugar or a cherry on the top and are they round and fat or big and round.  this started a rather large and very funny debate of 138 comments of my friends hotly debating the subject.

This morning at Woodchips I introduced the song with a ‘we probably all have different versions of this so lets all just sing the words that you want to!”

So what are my currant buns like?

They have a cherry on the top and are unpc as they are round and fat!

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  1. 27 April , 2012 / 8:00 am

    Yay! Definitely fat and round with a cherry on top and lashings of oozing icing…yuummmmmy! 😀

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