The theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is My Blog.

The image above is the photo I used for my Blog Header and is 2 Stars and a Swirl

I had the tattoo done in December 2009, my first and probably only one. I had done the usual I want a tattoo thing for years but never knew what I wanted. I randomly saw a similar image on Flickr one day and printed and drew and then went into a tattoo studio and asked could they do something that had 2 Stars and a Swirl.

So what does it mean?

A star each for Ben and I, and the swirls are the general chaos of our life together.

This blog is my 4th attempt at blogging, I started my first when Ben was a baby and the posts are all on here, a diary really of him growing up, that then went to a toddler diary and then I had a blog for me and my thoughts. But none of them really worked or were read.

In February this year I decided I wanted to do more writing and get involved with things like The Gallery and Silent Sunday so I signed up to a new Blog & Twitter account under this name and well 2 months later here I am and really enjoying it.

Time is my biggest enemy on expanding here, but that is the same for us all I think, but I hope to do more actual writing as time goes on.

So the big question…where is the tattoo?

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