The theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is My Awesome Photo

I took this photo on one of the last days of this extra long summer in the garden. Like so many of us I take lots of photos with my iPhone and am useless at lifting my actual camera much these days. But this afternoon I had decided I was going to take some photos with the camera.

I don’t own a fancy camera, just a point and shoot and as much as I would love to learn about technique I just don’t have the time/focus/skills/desire to spend time reading and training myself. I also just love getting images in the moment that remind me of that second and worry if I am looking for the right light etc I might lose that passion.

I love this shot so much, his mouth not pausing from talking, the bit of hair flicked out, the Lightening Mcqueen t shirt & cap he lived in all summer and his chocolate eyes. My gorgeous boy.

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