Whether you’re stuck on a long and dull journey or are sitting at home with little else to do you can always turn to your trusty smartphone or tablet to enjoy some of the most entertaining games and apps around. There is an incredibly vast and diverse range of apps out there on the market that can be enjoyed by those of all ages and interests so you won’t be short of a few options no matter what your favourite types of games and virtual pastimes might be. Here are just a few of the best apps we found to help you kill time.




Small 8-bit styled gaming apps have become increasingly popular in recent years mostly thanks to the arrival of the heavily publicised mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’, which arrived back in 2013. With more than 15 million players already enjoying this effort from Digital Melody Games ‘Timberman’ is the very definition of an addictive app. This retro effort requires players to chop around a tree swiftly avoiding any lowering branches and other obstacles that may get in the way.



The Red Flush Casino App has plenty to offer its mobile-based gaming audience who are looking to enjoy some of the best virtual casino action around. Even though the app contains all the latest and most popular casino-based table games and slot experiences there is still a great selection of games you can enjoy before you even sign up for your account. These free to play games will help you to familiarise yourself with all the gaming action well before you make your first deposit.



It’s a game that relies on simple physics and simplistic gameplay yet it has all the typical markings of an addictive gaming app that will certainly help you pass the time, whatever the reason may be. The idea is for you to fill as many of the moving cups as you can with falling balls, with each filled cup returning any balls it contains back to the original pot. The longer you can keep this process going the more points you will be rewarded with. As you progress in the game the speed will increase and the challenges will get tougher.



Not all apps are created with the intention of mindlessly letting you pass the time. There are also plenty of apps out there that can at least help teach you something as you play. This iOS-based game tests your knowledge of world flags. You do get multiple choice answers with flag you’re presented with but as it goes on and repeated flags begin to pop up it’s all down to how good your memory is and what you have learnt as you play on.

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