It is the second week back at school and GAAAAAAHHHHH.

Last week we started on Monday and so had full on after school stuff too, I was very glad to see 3:20 p.m. Friday (ignoring a really full on weekend but still….)

It goes from the laid back summer holidays of not having to rush out the door with multiple bags to remembering everything.  And drop off, collection, taxi driver to swimming and cubs and between that working, sorting the washing out, tidying and cleaning the house.  It never stops.

The back to school period also usually hails the start of the coughs, colds and every bug going when all those children get into one building together.  And then also kindly bring the germs home to you too!  So anything that can help keep the kids well and also give me extra help in keeping everyone going and organised.

I was asked if I wanted to review some kids and adult vitamin supplements by Swisse.  They are Australia’s No.1 Multivitamin brand, and the vitamin choice of Team GB.

They have a huge range of products and are available in Boots.

I chose the SWISSE ULTIPLUS ENERGY B+ to try, they are the highest dose of B vitamins that Swisse offer, including vitamin B5, to help support both physical and mental performance.

As much as I like to think I get a full balanced diet, I know I can do better and I do find especially with the energy side of it taking B vitamins makes a difference to me.  I have to be very careful with my caffeine in take and we all know that relying on coffee to give you a boost never ends well!


The tablets are quite large but easy to swallow and have no taste.  I have been taking them for a week now and it is hard to say if they make a difference as I have had a major lack of sleep, but I am hopeful they are adding to my staying sane and carrying on!

I sent the SWISSE ENERGY ULTIVITE EFFERVESCENT TABLETS to a friend who is a (Super) Mum to 3 girls including twins and works full time and is basically a super hero.

It is in effervescent form, this is a natural orange flavour multivitamin packed with vitamins and minerals to support your natural diet.


Her feedback was “Less fizzy than Berocca and less sweet – I didn’t particularly like the flavour. However did become very efficient shortly after taking so suspect contents are all good!”

I sent on the SWISSE JUNIOR 8 TO 12 ULTIVITE MULTIVITAMIN TABLETS to another friend who has 10 and 12 year old boys. (My small boy won’t entertain tablets, swallowed or chewed)

The multivitamin is specifically formulated with ingredients that support the growth & development of children between the age of 8 and 12 years old.


Feedback from the boys was “mmmm theses taste really nice can I have another one’ (obviously another one wasn’t given until the next day!)

I think for most parents taking vitamins they wonder do they need them?  It is known now that especially Vitamin D can be lacking as we are told to keep our kids out of the sun so much.  And for kids at school life is busy, they need to be in school working as well as added sports and activities and are expected to be fit and not miss school too.  Anything that can help them achieve all this and tastes good and they are willing to take is brilliant.

So as we throw ourselves into this term, where the days get shorter, life gets busier and we head towards December I think we are all glad to have something to help the kids get those extra vitamins and ourselves as busy Mums get all the help we can take to Just.  Keep.  Going!


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