Start of version 2 of me

So food.

Cakes, biscuits, crisps and then oh melted cheese *gasp*

How do you eat better , not just for a month or 2 but forever.

You have to change your whole attitude to food.  You have to work out that it is not a reward, that if you don’t eat that cake today you are not deprived. That actually the vast majority of food you eat whilst reading twitter or watching TV so you don;t often actually taste it.

But I have only realised some of this since actually thinking about food.  I have started using myfitnesspal app, and this time I am being honest with it.  As who am I actually lying to when I forget to log the cake?

I have realised that it is OK to be hungry, not to starve yourself. But it is OK to be hungry and then when your next meal comes you REALLY enjoy it.

That weighing food is a bit odd but then you do become aware of how much you are eating. 20g of cheese looks pathetic in a bowl compared to the cheese mountains I am used to, but actually once grated and added to an omelette it taste fine.

So one side of this is the food, and then the other is the gym.

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