Self Hosting (Hell) Heaven

When I launched this blog in February 2011 I went with as I had used Blogger before and thought try something new.  As many who use I didn’t realise how restrictive it would be for various widgets, add-ons and bits I wanted to fiddle with I couldn’t.

So after looking at the package I already had with 1 and 1 I found out I could add a hosting package for free for 6 months, going to £5 a month after that.  So a swap to it was.

So I took the plunge and for a week ignored it all as I didn’t have the time and my brain wasn’t in the right place to get it all set up.  And then I freaked thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway and very nearly changed my mind.  But with a gentle shove from the lovely Ruth at Summerland and This Lemonade Life I decided this week to go for it.

After a day of high stress, fighting with ftp clients, DNS not changing, various other hiccups and too many to count emails back and forth with the ever supportive Kairen at Confessions of a Single Mum I got there.

And now I have access to a million plugins and after a few hours of fiddling we are here with what I hope is an all working blog.  There are a few bits that need more of a fiddle, and if anything doesn’t work please let me know!

I have added a new About Me page, with an actual photo of me *gulp* and added new categories.  Any feedback would be great.

Once I have got my blood pressure down I might even write a guide on how to do it 😉




  1. 8 May , 2011 / 8:54 am

    Well done! I’m lucky to have a husband who does all the complicated bits for me, so I just do the fun stuff. Except we had a little tiff the other week and weren’t speaking, then my blog was having issues and I didn’t even know who the host was to get it sorted. So you probably have the right idea doing it all yourself.

  2. 2 stars and a swirl
    8 May , 2011 / 9:56 am

    Thanks 🙂

    Still bits to do but getting there & feel like it is home again

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