Well that is the 2 boys in my life sorted for Netflix viewing over the next few weeks (or if I am not kidding myself days/week or so.)


For the small boy, the new season of Dinotrux is out,  if you are age 8 (or a bit younger/older) this is for you.  Dinosaurs and Trucks.  Together.

Ben says ‘I like the characters as they all work together for the team parts’


And for the other Man in my life who has started a Netflix addiction, he who Marvel / DC / stuff like this is a huge hit (I have it on the list for being a better girlfriend to learn who is in what) And we have been watching all the Marvel films gradually (sadly I usually have to work at the same time, or look at kittens or baby otters on my phone.  Shame that.)

Anyway…yes Daredevil, season 2 is out on Netflix now,  I am sure it is BRILLIANT.  Sadly for me I will have to miss it as I have important stuff to do in another room like, erm, anything.  But he loves it.


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