September 2017 Skincare products update

18 months ago I wrote this post about tackling my adult acne, and all the products I was going to use to tackle it. I am very glad to say, my skin is  pretty much clear now (as long as I don't slack off and not bother using the products for a few days) Out of all...

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Swisse Vitamins for kids and adults review

It is the second week back at school and GAAAAAAHHHHH. Last week we started on Monday and so had full on after school stuff too, I was very glad to see 3:20 p.m. Friday (ignoring a really full on weekend but still....) It goes from the laid back summer holidays of not...

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Primark Candle Review

I am obsessed with candles, especially in winter they just add to the cosiness of being indoors all warm and wrapped up. What I don't like is spending money on expensive candles that smell gorgeous in the shop, only to get them home, light them and nothing.  No smell...

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Treating Hormonal Acne

I was going to call this 'treating hormonal acne once you are over 40, but then realised there it is not just us super lucky ones still battling it at my age.  There are lots fighting it from puberty onwards. At 41 I have never had totally clear skin, I have had times...

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Matalan Souluxe Activewear Review

I accidentally discovered the Matalan range of sportswear last year when I had popped in to look at their home stuff. It seems nearly all clothing shops have realised there is a gap in the market for cheaper spots wear.  The only issue is that for most companies it...

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HTC One M9 Review

The people over at Three knew I liked my gadgets and asked if I wanted to review a HTC One M9. It was an interesting one for me, as I have only used an iPhone for the last 7 years.  Before that I had a very old style windows phone with a stylus, so I haven't used an...

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