Review of Sativa Hemp Protein Shakes

After eating paleo for a few months I noticed my skin really began to clear up, and then when I started back eating a few ‘cheats’ some cheese and milk it got worse.  After a bit of experimenting it was clear that dairy was the main cause of my acne.

As I had been using whey protein I decided to investigate some non dairy protein powder.

The people at Sativa Shakes sent me out a test pack with 4 of their flavours to try.

Sativa shakes proteins are made from plant proteins & and don’t contain artificial sweeteners.  These fats alone mean you will receive a better quality protein, better digestion while avoiding highly processed dairy derived whey.

Plant protein contains fibre, which is beneficial for digestion, intestinal health & feeling full. It is very hard to find a whey shake containing any fibre.

Plant protein is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant as it does not contain any dairy products. The plant protein contains no artificial sweetener like aspartame.

I got to try 4 flavours, Kiwi & Lime, Chocolate & Caremel, Strawberry & Banana, amd Toffee.

The powders can be used in the same was as other whey protein, in cooking or just mixed with water for a shake.

I used the Chocolate & Caramel and Kiwi & Lime in my morning peotein pancakes, just mixing 2 eggs and a banana and a serving of protein powder.  You could taste the flavour but they were not over powering at all.

The other 2 flavours I drank after a workout mixed with water.   As I had been used to fake strawberry flavour whey protein with sweetners these were not like that, they are obviously not as sweet and they weren’t quite as easy to gulp down (but even after all my non eating of sugar I still have a massive sweet tooth!) but were totally drinkable, and I think once you get used to the lack of sweetness would be a welcome change.

There are lots of options in the Sativa Shop, you can buy a few small pouches to try different flavours.  For those looking for an alternative to whey protein shakes this is the perfect answer.


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