I am obsessed with candles, especially in winter they just add to the cosiness of being indoors all warm and wrapped up.

What I don’t like is spending money on expensive candles that smell gorgeous in the shop, only to get them home, light them and nothing.  No smell wafting about the room at all.  I was so cross last year at a candle I got from L’occitane that I complained and ended up sending it back.

It was last year that my Primark started stoking candles, we all love a bit of Primark clothing, and the home section on my local store was pretty small but had a rack of them.  They have really expanded the range now, and when I was in this week they were rows and rows of different smells and shapes and types.  And the best thing is they are ridiculously cheap.  The little glass jars with lids are £1, and most the larger ones are not over £5.

Primark Candle Review

And how do they smell?  I will admit, a few are probably heading towards toilet cleaner, but mostly they are really good.  There is now such a wide range that there will be something that everyone likes.

Primark Candle Review

At Christmas they had amazing glass star candles and also Christmas smelling glitter candles in tins.  The Sea Salt ones they have in now in the large jars smelt so good, I managed to resist until I have used up some of the candles I have at home already.

Primark Candle Review

But if you haven’t tried them yet, pop in and have a smell and be open minded!

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