Pay it forwards

The lovely Kairen at Confessions of a Single Mum recently did a post about paying it forward.  I was the lucky recipient of her treat and then it was my turn to pay it forward.

In her post I had to find something to spend some money she had saved me on anon essentials.  So I managed to buy a posh candle in Waitrose.  I love the smell of this ad it is for lighting when I am chilling out (hiding) in my bedroom.

I am still looking for another treat for me but will bank it for when I do

So then it is my turn to pays it forwards…

And I am choosing Kate from Katie and the kids

I have been helping her on her blog make over the last few weeks and she hit a brink wall over the whole blog back up thing.  So I have done her a FTP user guide step by step (with arrows and pictures and everything!) and also just in case a DVD with her blog on to post.

katie and the kids

So Kate the DVD will be in the post so and I pass the baton to you…

Now go and forth and pay it forward to another blogger :o)



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