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Our day out in London

Back in April Gemma at Hello it's Gemma wrote a blog about her trip to museums as part of her pre-school bucket list.   I had been hoping to take Ben to London again for a while and this made me sit down and go through the calendar and find a date we could both do. So...

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Lactose Intolerant Again

Ben was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at 12 weeks after a stint in hospital and catching the norovirus there. It was a classic case of Mummy intuition that something was not right. It was initially dismissed by the GP & Health Visitor but we were still under a...

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When to start giving pocket money?

Ben was given £5 last week by his Grandad and I put it in a money box for him, later we were at the shops and he NEEEEEEDED a Chuggington set, it was reduced from £26.99 to £6.99, so a bargain and he had been a good boy (fill in here with more reasons why I felt it...

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