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Lego Rainbow Cake

Here is where I shatter the illusion I am a master baker.  The cake itself for this comes from the wonderful Betty Crocker out of a box cake mix.  And the icing is out of her tubs.  But once you can get past that major cheat I did do the rest! The instructions for the...

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Boys can’t do knitting…

So on the way back from school yesterday, Ben and I were talking about what we had got Grandma for her birthday. I told him it was a jumper, he asked 'did you knit it?' I replied "no I can't knit" Ben "Grandma could teach you" Me "Yes she could, she could also teach...

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Ben asked my yesterday what beards were... I said that they were hair that grew on a grown up mans face. I said like the Daddy that had one in Tig & Wooly (cbeebies reference) and Tig was scared as she thought he looked like a bear. I told him that when he was a grown...

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