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A very happy Lego boy…

He is obsessed. And I have to say as toys go, I fully support the Lego obsession Ben has.  His bedroom is a bit ridiculous, once a week I/we clear the floor, but then within 2 days it is back to more Lego than carpet. But he loves it, every morning he gets up and he...

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Apps for a Mac

So after always being a windows PC owner and the closed I have been to a Mac is my iPhone and iPad, this month I became the owner of the most gorgeous brilliant MacBook Air. My desktop PC was 2nd hand when I got it, and every time the temp got a big higher outside it...

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Small Flower Cut Out Clay Chimenea Review

This year I have transformed my garden, when I moved in 4 years ago the garden was just patchy over grown grass.  And even though I have tried really hard to sort it I was always held back by the fact that in both gardens next to me were huge conifer trees that...

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Are you a 90’s indie kid?

I use the TuneIn radio app on my iPhone as I don't own a stand alone digital radio, and have various docks around the house. A few weeks ago I accidentally discovered a new internet radio station using the browse function. The Music Machine 2 has been an amazing find....

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Right here | Right now

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that every week I had a choice of what I could focus on, that it wasn't possible to do them all well at once for a whole week. The 3 parts my life breaks down to are *Ben and the house (homework, reading, playing, standing on...

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My CrossFit Games Open 2014

The CrossFit open is an yearly event, most easily explained as the start of the CrossFit games, anyone can enter.  This year worldwide over 150,000 people entered.  the open consists of 5 workouts, released on a Thursday and you have until Monday to complete them and...

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Lego Rainbow Cake

Here is where I shatter the illusion I am a master baker.  The cake itself for this comes from the wonderful Betty Crocker out of a box cake mix.  And the icing is out of her tubs.  But once you can get past that major cheat I did do the rest! The instructions for the...

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Good Little Sausages Review

I am really fussy about meant and more specifically dodgy bits in meat.  You know those horrible chewy, fat, yuck bits.  Think I must be traumatised from a child from cheap nasty frozen sausages. I discovered the Good Little Sausages over a year ago in Waitrose and...

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My Highlight of 2013

For the last couple of years, Ben and I have been lucky enough to spend a week in Aldeburgh, Suffolk each summer. Our trip in August 2013 made many new memories for us both, and had a few firsts.  the child that was phobic of walking ont he sand at all 2 years ago (I...

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