Outside influences shape our bodies

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The amount of pressure from society to be thin is overwhelming and the overriding opinion that thin equals beautiful is unavoidable so being a plus size takes huge confidence or it results in a feeling of inadequacy – in all but size!

There are a few larger people who are very happy the way they are and, aside from the risks associated with being overweight, these folks are to be admired.  To resist the constant bombardment from magazines, television and the internet and the plethora of articles, advertisements and opinions on weight loss takes some determination of spirit.  It is unthinkable that an individual will remain unaffected by the entreaties to look and feel fabulous by being a size 10.

From faddy diets endorsed by thin celebrities to healthy eating plans that a GP or nutritionist will recommend as the sensible way to lose weight while getting all the nutrients your body needs – the methods for losing weight range from simple to seriously extreme. Some people can just tweak their diet and just cut out the sugary drinks and fatty foods to get results but there are gastric bands for the seriously obese, whose very lives are in danger; the need for a complete lifestyle change for those whose excessive lager and beer consumption has resulted in more than a little bit of a gut; and there is weight loss hypnosis for those that have a relationship with food and eating that is unhealthy.  Anyone who is serious about weight loss can start with their GP, but can also do a lot of investigation themselves.  The internet is a great source of information when used properly, and good advice from conventional medical professionals or alternative therapists such as The Therapy Lounge hypnotherapy practitioners.

Whatever your body shape and size, and whatever the media says, a healthy attitude to food, and some basic knowledge of food and nutrition is essential for all. Parents and schools alike are responsible for educating children in the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet.  Food that is freshly prepared over processed ready-meals is preferable and basing a meal around the vegetables is a good start to eating well and reducing fat or heavy carbohydrate intake.

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