I was the same as so many people, before the Olympics I felt quite negative towards the whole thing. grumbling about it all really.  And then I sat and watched the opening ceremony…

The next 2 days after that Ben was ill so I sat watching various sports that I had little understanding of but became very knowledgeable about, thanks to my friend Google.

At the start of the 2nd week I sat on and off for 2 hours one night determined to get tickets for the Paralympics for Ben and I.  I wanted into the Olympic park, but failing that I wanted to go to anything, anywhere to be part of it all.

So first of all I got tickets for an equestrian event at Greenwich, £15 for tickets for the 2 of us!

Here is how we spent the day…

So we were up early and on the 6:50 a.m. train, in all out red, white and blue Team GB finery.  we got the boat up the Thames to Greenwich Park and we were greeted by such friendly people, it was raining but the smiles were there from all the Games Makers.

We went into the stand and even though it rained on and off (more on than off) we watched as the riders and horses pranced around the arena.  I had found out Natasha Baker was riding and we sat with our flags poised waiting for her to come out.  She was brilliant and at the end she raised her hand up and the crowd whooped and clapped (and the commentator who kept asking for quiet until the trainers were also holding the horses tutted)

The top photo is Natasha (who Ben now talks about like she is a friend of ours.)  We also were offered the chance to hold a Paralympic torch used in the relay – huge bonus!

We left the equestrian site and called by the Maritime Museum on the way out, boats hanging from the ceiling are always a winner for a 4 1/2  year old boy.

next back on the boat to the Tate Modern, I fully admit I am not that (at all) into modern art and well we had a dander around and at times it was a mystery if it was an empty concrete room or something more. I guess that is the deep and meaningfulness of it!


We stopped for some lunch with a view of the Thames and then jumped on another boat to head towards our station to get home.  A last sail under Tower bridge and then back on dry land.

All through London there are statues of Mandeville and Wenlock dressed in different themes. The interesting thing is all children when they get near seems to automatically strike the same pose as them.

We are lucky (or I was just obsessive) to have tickets to go inside the Olympic park to another event next week, but even if you haven’t got tickets I would so recommend if you can fit it in before school next week a trip to London even without going to an event.  As there really is such a wonderful buzz about and so much to see Olympic and Paralympic related.


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