StreamTeamBadgeNetflix has changed the way we watch TV in this house.  I recently gave Ben (age 7) the choice of keeping the TiVo box so he can rewind and pause the freeview channels, or keeping the Netflix subscription as they are the same cost per month.  He quickly chose Netflix.

One of the things I love about Netflix is how portable it is.  I watch either on my Mac in bed or phone, often on my phone in the bath (I know, it is stupid, but I am really careful!)

Ben watches mainly on the iPad, but we can watch on the main TV also, but often don’t unless we are all watching something together.

Ben is currently working his way through the many MANY Pokemon shows, he saw an episode at my Dad’s house 2 motnhs ago, and that has been the addiction since.  But previous obsessions have been Power Rangers in their various forms, and then lots of LEGO shows  before that.

I have worked my way through re watching all the Good Wife from the start, Orange is the New Black, the L Word, Make it or Break it (don’t judge me, it was strangly addictive in a teenage girl drama way) and Gossip Girl.  And various films along the way.

I love that if I stop watching something halfway through on one device and pick up a different device, it just carries on. Small thing but so handy.

It is great having the kids mode and different profiles, so Ben doesn’t have to see my ‘latest viewing’ and I don’t his (although obviously I can go through and check everything he has watched if I want to)

So next I am really excited for series 3 of Orange is the New Black.  As normal I say I will only let myself watch one at a time, save them. And the reality will be I will binge watch them over a few nights, staying up far too late, being tired, saying I won’t do the same the next night. And doing exactly the same the next night.

I have been asked to become a member of the Netflix Stream Team, so I will be sharing upcoming Netflix news on here, and what we are enjoying watching.  Hopefully Ben will make it to the end of all the Pokemon episodes, well maybe next year?


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