My twitter friends ARE real

During a conversation with a friend last week, I was talking about twitter and the amount of time I spend on there. She hasn’t used it so I explained how I used it and chat to people.

I said how I have made lots of friends on there, and she asked how. It was only then I started thinking about quite how much of a difference twitter has made to my life.

I know there are always people saying how destructive social media can be, it sucks your life and time, it is full of weirdos (*waves*) and it is just all a bit pointless.

But you see, I beg to differ.

For me I have made so many new friends, and it all happens just as I guess in the old days when I went out and well possibly had a life when you started chatting to people, friends of friends, or just new people with similar interests.

The majority of people I regularly chat with on twitter I have never met, and to me this is totally normal. And these aren’t people who I have chatted to for a month or 2. Some of these are years.

They are people who have read about all parts of my life, know I like coffee, know I have 2 cats and quite possibly their names. With some it goes from twitter to iMessage/email.

I do understand how people who don’t use social media quite to the extent I do , don’t understand how you can chat with people you’ve never met.

I love twitter for lots of other reasons…

The practical – asking just about anything and I will get an answer. Yes there is google and it is *whispers* my first love BUT sometimes it is too much and I need a real person to tell me how.

The information, and laughs you find that you are able to share.


The celebrations you can have with others when you get home to an empty house after really doing something you are proud of

The sharing the fact your little one (or great lump of a 5 year old) has meant a total lack of sleep


And yes, on their own they are all inane, less than 140 characters of (often) useless thoughts in my head.

But it is more than that when it is all added together. It is a community you get to pick and grow and be part of. You answer people when they ask for advice if you know.

Especially through my journey into the scary ‘fitness’ world twitter has come into its own. Following other people who workout like me and eat a bit like me and who get that sugar withdrawal makes you feel like crap. Who understand when I say I can’t get out of bed because it hurts, but I will be back tonight repeating the madness. Who also tweet photos of themselves doing handstands on holidays. And who also tweet photos of their dinners. Yes that is a thing, and yes I do it and I love that others do it too.

Yeah so I hold my hands up, I am one of those people that documents their whole life in less than 140 characters, complemented by photos of it step by step on instagram. I love it, it is MY real life, shared with my REAL friends, as that is what all you other weirdo out there in your little boxes on my phone are. My REAL friends.

So an indulgent shout out to say thank you to the people who keep me sane with virtual slaps, hand holding, listening, agreeing, disagreeing, confidence boosting, reality reminding, fashion advice, business ideas, dinner ideas, little lol’s to myself, big fat PMSL moments, quiet little sighs of contentment and happy nods of acknowledgement.

All in 140 characters day in and day out.



  1. fimb
    19 August , 2013 / 10:15 pm

    Weirdo ;\

    To me, people who don’t make friends online are weirdos!

  2. Rachel
    19 August , 2013 / 10:17 pm

    I’m in complete agreement, I’m a relative newcomer to twitter (only 2 years) but I think I’m closer to some people on twitter than I am to people I see on a regular basis.
    Ok, I admit that people I see on a regular basis are more likely to be people I work with as I don’t have a life, but I certainly share more on twitter than I do anywhere else and I’m proud to say some of my best friends are weirdos in boxes.

  3. 20 August , 2013 / 11:21 am

    I was just thinking the other day that you’re one of my Twitter friends whom I’d like to meet in real life 🙂 We should do a CrossFit Bloggers MeetUp!

    PS. I still haven’t sent you the Q&A doc!!! When’s the deadline? Last month? 🙂 😐

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      21 August , 2013 / 6:28 pm

      Yes that would be a fab idea – maybe when the kids are back at school we can sort something out for a dairy free coffee 😉

      And don’t worry about the other thing, it has gone so far down my to-do list it is now hidden!

  4. 25 August , 2013 / 12:27 am

    *waves* some of the nicest people I know are on twitter, it has been the launching pad for some amazing real life relationships. It has properly changed my life, without social media moving 150 miles would have been very lonely. I’ve maintained connections but I’ve also used twitter to meet new people local to me and to discover my new city.

  5. 12 September , 2014 / 7:55 am

    Erm… Think you might be missing someone *looks around*!

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