My 70 days progress report

So 73 days ago I started using myfitnesspal app and logging my food.  I am also started at the gym and changed what I was eating.

The getting to be a healthier me project is going really well, a couple of people have asked what I am eating so I thought I would share.

I have lost 19 lbs so far, and my body has really changed (not quite brave enough to post the photo here but believe me it has!)

I have dropped a dress size, well actually more than one but not quite 2, lost 5 inches from my waist and for the first time yesterday I ran a mile without stopping.  And I feel I have done it all in a sensible way that I can maintain.

Food wise I am eating between 1200-1400 calories a day, and Mon-Fri I am being very strict with my diet, no chocolate, cake or biscuits.  Then at the weekends I am being less strict, but all still within the calories.

I have had no biscuits at all since I started this and only one very small taste of cake, I do allow chocolate at the weekends, but a small thin 100 calorie bar.

I gave up diet coke 7 weeks ago and haven’t had any since, and just drinking my one latte in the morning and glass of OJ and then very dilute blackcurrant squash (the sugar kind not sugar free)

So here is a list of the kind of foods I am eating


Egg white omelette using the 2 chicks egg whites, with tomatoes, mushroom and a sprinkle of cheese. Less than 15g of cheese.

Oat so simple with skimmed milk and a tea spoon of sugar

Homemade pancakes (weekends!)


Sandwich with Ham or Tuna and Weight Watchers danish malted bread

Walkers bakes star crisps

McCain frozen jacket potatoes & beans

Supermarket bought (diet) egg sandwich


Roast dinner – roast whole chicken (no added oil) roast potatoes in fry light spray, 1 aunt bessie yorkshire pudding and LOTS of veg

Bolognese made with less than 5% fat mince, lots of veg in it. Fresh pasta (seems to be lowest carbs etc)

Sausages – high quality with the lowest fat (not diet but just look for lowest fat content) and usually only 2 chipolatas

Mccain frozen jacket potatoes

Chicken, pasta, lettuce tomatoes

Baked Beans

Bacon medallions – saves tempting yourself with the crispy bits

Oven chips (weekends and weighing out 100g)

whole egg omelette (weekends)


Fruit – mainly berries, pears and bananas

Sunflower seeds – I carry a bag around with me as they are great for a quick snack


I tend to buy the £10 for 3 supermarket meat deals – but only some do the lowest fat mince in the deal.  Everything that is fried is cooked with fry light spray.  I also weigh stuff out to just make sure I am not getting carried away with portions.

I am really looking forward to treating myself to some new gym and dance wear from Move Dancewear when I hit my next target

So here’s to another 70 days …




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  1. 29 November , 2012 / 9:39 pm

    Well done and good luck for the next 70 days!

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