My 2014 … #happiness #40 #friends

It has been an amazing year, full of so much (often inappropriate) laughter. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people, who motivate me, remind me I am awesome and love me for exactly who I am.  Going through all these photos is the perfect reminder of how...

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A year of Nail Art 2014

This year I think I spent probably a total of 10 days without my nails painted.  I taught myself to do leopard print and adopted the glitter accent nail as my own. Below is a how to for the leopard print - it is actually really quick and easy, and probably the first...

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A very happy Lego boy…

He is obsessed. And I have to say as toys go, I fully support the Lego obsession Ben has.  His bedroom is a bit ridiculous, once a week I/we clear the floor, but then within 2 days it is back to more Lego than carpet. But he loves it, every morning he gets up and he...

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Are you a 90’s indie kid?

I use the TuneIn radio app on my iPhone as I don't own a stand alone digital radio, and have various docks around the house. A few weeks ago I accidentally discovered a new internet radio station using the browse function. The Music Machine 2 has been an amazing find....

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Right here | Right now

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that every week I had a choice of what I could focus on, that it wasn't possible to do them all well at once for a whole week. The 3 parts my life breaks down to are *Ben and the house (homework, reading, playing, standing on...

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Lego Rainbow Cake

Here is where I shatter the illusion I am a master baker.  The cake itself for this comes from the wonderful Betty Crocker out of a box cake mix.  And the icing is out of her tubs.  But once you can get past that major cheat I did do the rest! The instructions for the...

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My Highlight of 2013

For the last couple of years, Ben and I have been lucky enough to spend a week in Aldeburgh, Suffolk each summer. Our trip in August 2013 made many new memories for us both, and had a few firsts.  the child that was phobic of walking ont he sand at all 2 years ago (I...

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When a friend comes back.

When Bridget Jones's Diary came out in 1996 I was 22, and at the prime age for feeling and understand EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. I read it, put it down for a month or so and then reread it again and again. When The Edge of Reason came out, I was nervous and as much as I was...

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