Gel nails at home – what I use from Amazon

As someone who loves painting their nails I had decided not to go down the gel nail route as I thought it would be a huge pain to remove and re do.   But after a few trips to a salon to get gels done for special occasions and them just perfectly lasting for 2...

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All I want for Christmas…

I mean would like obviously, not want, that is rude and grabby... But my wishes are quite simple, expensive but simple.  But you know you have to aim high with these sorts of things... 1. Hush Piped Silk Pyjamas - £150 They are star print, do I need to explain...

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Primark Candle Review

I am obsessed with candles, especially in winter they just add to the cosiness of being indoors all warm and wrapped up. What I don't like is spending money on expensive candles that smell gorgeous in the shop, only to get them home, light them and nothing.  No smell...

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Treating Hormonal Acne

I was going to call this 'treating hormonal acne once you are over 40, but then realised there it is not just us super lucky ones still battling it at my age.  There are lots fighting it from puberty onwards. At 41 I have never had totally clear skin, I have had times...

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Friday Night Lights on Netflix

It has been a while since I found a new series to watch, one that has multiple seasons just sitting on Netflix waiting for your to devour. I saw Molly over from Mother's Always Right mention Friday Night Lights on her Instagram recently and went over to Netflix to...

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Netflix and us

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV in this house.  I recently gave Ben (age 7) the choice of keeping the TiVo box so he can rewind and pause the freeview channels, or keeping the Netflix subscription as they are the same cost per month.  He quickly chose Netflix....

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