Anyone who knows me will be able to answer yes to that question before really knowing what I mean.

But this is what I mean…

Lego…potentially everywhere.

We don’t own any Lego at home yet, Grandma has bought a few of the mini sets for her house and Ben has loved building them again and again.  The thing that I can’t get my head around is this.  So you buy maybe a car set, or a police station and you sit and build it following the instructions and it sits there and looks nice and maybe is played with.

But then what?

Do you take it apart and put it back in its box?  Or mix it up into a Lego hell box of all the sets you own?

And yes I am fully aware that my OCD tidy issues are not just sneaking out here but screaming out of every pore!

I see in so many houses teeny bits of Lego on the floor, obviously a vital brick from a set about to go up the Dyson (don’t worry I never do it!) but it started me thinking what happens then if you lose a bit for a set? Do you have to go rebuy it on eBay?

Or is it all a lot simpler than this?

Please let me know what you do in your house so I can actually add this to his Christmas list without any more sleepless nights


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