Getting our bodies in shape and making sure we’re fit and healthy is really important if we want to be able to keep up with our children.

As well as keeping pace with all that youthful energy, we need to lead by example and show our children the importance of eating well and exercising regularly.

But it’s equally important to stretch our brain muscles too. If we stop working out the grey matter, we’ll soon lose the skills we need to stay sharp.


by  PinkPersimon 

Studies show that we can do a few simple things to keep our brains in shape.

Brain training games have become popular over the last few years. Experts say that challenging your brain skills regularly will boost your memory, improve your concentration and problem-solving abilities and result in quicker mental reactions.

But why not have a bit of fun while you’re at it? According to research by the University of Southampton, bingo is a great way to improve mental speed, accuracy and concentration.

Around three million of us regularly play bingo online, so it’s no surprise that operators are becoming increasingly imaginative in a bid to win our loyalty.

We’re looking for new challenges like Gala Bingo’s Coconut Island themed game which won a prize in the 2015 WhichBingo awards announced earlier this year. Meanwhile online bingo games from provide a gateway to a huge variety of other entertainment like slots, scratch cards and casino games.

Bingo sites also understand the importance of marketing when it comes to attracting new players. The purple-velveted Foxy Bingo advert is stand out while BGO has just launched a new campaign headed up by Beverley Hills heiress Paris Hilton.


by  The Relevant Authorities 

Bingo may not be as taxing as The Times crossword, but it’s proven to keep you on your mental toes. In fact, experts found that bingo players out performed non-bingo players in speed and accuracy when they took part in a series of number recognition tests during the Southampton University research.

Having a go at bingo or trying anything new can also surprise your brain into working harder.

Whether you’re navigating your way round a new online bingo game, taking a cookery course or joining a book club, you’ll be switching on your brain. That’s because wrapping your head around an activity that’s out of your comfort zone gives you something different to think about. And your brain will be all the better for it.

Whatever your age, your brain is a sponge so make sure you soak up all you can to help keep your little grey cells happy.

Develop your thirst for knowledge by immersing yourself in things you’re really interested in. Gathering lots of information and detail about a specialist subject will help you become a Master Mind.

If you take care of your brain as well as your body, you’ll stand a much better chance of matching your children’s mental dexterity. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll ever get to grips with their maths homework!

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