I’ve got 99 problems…

So this weekend I head off to the Radio 1 Hackney Big Weekend event, back in March I spent most of the day on a Sunday trying to get a ticket for it, but because you had to pre-register it meant that I only got 1 ticket.

After a bit of a feeble search on twitter, I still have no one to go with but have just decided to go alone

*Start humming All by myself to yourself now*

I feel at the grand old age of thirty-*cough* that I really should be big and bold enough to do it. I like my own company, and am fiercely independent.

My main reason for going is to see Jay-Z, watching his Glastonbury set in 2008 sat at home I didn’t move for the whole thing. Well except my jaw hitting the floor.

He was one man on the stage filling it all and it was amazing, and since then I have wanted to see him live. So a free ticket to a gig (kind of) just up the road is too good an opportunity to miss.

So with twitter to keep my company in the possible 2 hour queue, and to hold my hand if I do get a bit lonely I will be just fine!

I shall report back next week, hopefully with photos.

Wish me luck…


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