Improving my fitness – things I have learnt so far

So I am just about to go into my 4th week of this ‘changing my life to get (a bit?) healthier

As usual for me as well as the eating and gym changes  have been reading all about it to try and understand more about the process of eating better and going to the gym.

I have really had my eyes opened to some thing I never knew, of course I am finding that there are SO many different opinions on these areas.  But for me some facts that I have been reading have really helped me understand about my body.

Fat & muscle are 2 different things

So I had always assumed that you go to the gym, run on a treadmill for as long as you can (trying not to kill yourself) and you would get thinner. End of.

But actually this is just not true – yes doing cardio will burn some calories  but as anyone who watches the calories on the treadmill or puts their run into myfitnesspal app will know, it doesn’t actually burn that many.

So then the weights machines in the gym, you know the ones that the men with huge shoulders huff and puff over.  Oh as a lady I don’t want to end up like Jodie Marsh now (in many more ways than her muscle size!)

But the reality

  1. A women can work out all she likes and her body will not become like a body builder unless there is a huge change to her diet/hormones.
  2. What those machines will actually do is build your muscles – this in turn will increase your calorie burning, even when sitting on the sofa.  More muscle = high metabolism

So the fat thing…

They are exclusive of each other, you can build the muscle without reducing the fat, but obviously if you start eating a healthier diet then the building the fat (as above) will increase your metabolism.

One of the thing I read that I hasn’t realised as well was, you cannot choose where you lose fat from.  Exercising a certain area like your upper arms will increase the muscle but won’t burn the fat off just from thee.  They are 2 different things.

And finally this is what I am reminding myself of


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