If you use Instagram, you need these in your life…!

When the lovely (Mostly) Yummy Mummy tweeted about receiving some pologram  instagram prints I went off to investigate.

I am in love with instagram and have been using it for over 2 years and have added over 1800 photos. (And yes I have just worked out that is an average of about 2 photo every single day. )

My Instagram images are a story of my life, with most images being of Ben, the cats, dinners, crossfit, the garden, clothes and fitness motivation.

It is one of my go to apps on my phone and also a way of keeping up with friends lives.

I am an obsessive hash tagger, using it in mostly the wrong way it was designed for. And yes I am someone who uses it in texts. (and also in conversation sometimes thinks of saying ‘oh #blahblahblah’ but don’t quite say it out loud)

So I spent an evening on the pologram site choosing 40 prints to have printed for £10 including postage.  It did take me a while as I had over 1800 to go through and it was a case of 20 loading and clicking ‘more’

But I choose some from the start to now and then waited for them to arrive.

And well now being me…when they arrive it wasn’t simple case of throw them on the wall or in an album. Nope.

I spent another evening going through my instagram feed in a browser to get the exact date of each image and what I had put as a comment, and adding them to each print.

polorgram instagram 3

Then I decided to display them I wanted some string and little pegs – both got from ebay for a couple of pounds.

So the 48 now hang up in my living room, in a random order (I was tempted to do date order but sure a little chaos is good *whimpers*)

You can order, 12, 24 or 48 and I will be ordering another batch soon of this summers escapades.


(I paid for these and will be paying for more, just wanted to share my love)

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  1. 25 August , 2013 / 12:23 am

    I too love instagram (and Mostly Yummy actually, and I remember her mentioning these and I forgot all about it). I love these – I’ve never printed any of my insta photos and yet many of them are super faves.
    Thank you for the prompt.
    I love these and the little comments, they are in the true spirit of instagram in the moment memories caught on a phone (don’t get me started on uploading photos from proper cameras).
    I really like the display – fab!
    ps. I looked for colour coding/order in the pegs! you went random!?

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