When I am asked to fill in a list of my favorite things, baths are always in the list.  the deeper and hotter the better.  It is usual for me to have 2 baths a day – I have a rubbish from the taps shower and so I have a bath every morning and also most evenings too.  It is my me time space and especially since I redecorated my bathroom.

Supplier of vitamins and supplements Higher Nature recently sent me some Alka – Bathe to review.

Detox Bath

Alka-Bathe provides alkalising minerals (Potassium, Sodium bicarbonate and Silicon dioxide) for a complete detox. Cleansing and detoxifying the skin by drawing out acid waste products, it is also relaxing and soothing – comparable to a hot spring spa. Only two tablespoons are needed per bath. 

The first thing to say is that the jar is lovely and with the little wooden shovel it looks really pretty on he bathroom shelf (the rest of my bottles are hidden away but this is one that stays out)

I decided to try the Alka-Bathe last weekend when I was child free for the evening and filled the bath to the top and sprinkled in the salts.  The product is perfume free and there are no bubbles.  I lit my candles and then just relaxed.


After I got out of the bath I noticed that my skin was lovely and soft, and on using the product again later in the week again my skin felt great after it.

I will be using this as a treat product after long days cleaning.

I was sent this item to review and keep, the toes along with the opinions are all my own 



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