I have recently started a new collection of photos of Ben, they are names random hair style of the day.

About a year ago I chopped lots of his hair off as it was still so thin but had grown in weird waves and sticky out bits, it has now got a good bit thicker but it grows in lots of different directions.  And I just have no idea what you are meant to do with it.

One answer is cut it short, but I love the longer style and I may have cried a bit last time I cut it short.

It is the front bit especially that I struggle with as I don;t really like the fringe on boys look and his hair isn’t actually that straight and thick for it anyway.  I am terrified og giving him a mullet too!

But it is completely random every morning


So at the moment I am doing the responsable mature thing and ignoring the issue.


The nursery photos came home this week and some are lovely but in every single one all I can see is the flick of hair to the left, I can’t focus on anything else at all!

So what do you do to your boy’s hair?

Do you go to a barber or hairdressers or do the attack with scissors thing?




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