The people over at Three knew I liked my gadgets and asked if I wanted to review a HTC One M9.

It was an interesting one for me, as I have only used an iPhone for the last 7 years.  Before that I had a very old style windows phone with a stylus, so I haven’t used an Android phone at all.

I currently have an iPhone 5S so the HTC One M9 is a lot bigger than it, but it is just a few mm bigger than an iPhone 6.  I have small hands and for me it did take some getting used to.  I also found I was causing screen errors with the top of my hand the way I was holding it.  But it didn’t take long to get used to it.

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When investigating the phone and sending some messages, the feature of the vibrating keyboard becomes apparent.  Instead of annoying keyboard clicks it does a tiny vibrate for each key hit.  I lasted about ten minutes before googling how to turn this off!

The screen being that much bigger than I was used to was great. Out of all my devices I use my phone the most for being online, googling and social media. It is just always there in my hand or pocket.  So having the bigger screen was brilliant.

Clarity of the screen was good, but not as good as my iPhone.

I easily added some music to the phone (no iTunes faff!) just plugged it into the Mac, downloaded the HTC loaded and added music.  The sound from the phones speaker was good enough to have playing whilst I got ready.

One of the things I loved the most about the whole Android thing is the Google integration.  All the Google apps are better, and it is just so much smoother.  That could be the thing that makes me move away from iOS.  I am a total Google fangirl.  And having all the Google features of Gmail, maps and calendar just working so well with the phone made me happy!

Being able to set up the home screen as you want is another feature I liked, and having the options for home/work/out screens to flick between would be really handy.  You can really make it your own with different themes.

The look at the phone is lovely, the curved back is cool. and just a bit different style wise.

O.K. so some of the technical stuff…

  • The camera has a hardened sapphire lens to keep it scratch free
  • 20MP camera on the back of the phone
  • Two stereo speakers have been placed on the front of the HTC One M9 so that your music is directed straight at you. The sound is amplified with HTC BoomSound™
  • With Themes you can take a selfie, photo or any image you like and to create a theme for your phone.
  • Battery Life. Talk time: Up to 1302 minutes (3G) Standby: Up to 402 hours (3G)
  • Height: 144.6 mm Width: 69.7 mm Depth: 9.61 mm Weight: 157 g
  • Screen 5″ Full HD 1080p

The whole going from iPhone to an Android HTC One M9 was less of a shock than I thought. I really thought I would hate it, but I didn’t at all.  It was easy to use, with far more things you can customize than an iPhone.

I was lent the HTC One M9 for 5 days to try it out for the purpose of this review.  The thoughts are all mine. 

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