How to deal with nits

Nittty Gritty CombOK I bet after even reading the title you are already reaching for your head and scratching.

This is one of the things I really dreaded having to deal with as a parent, along with potty training I wished I could buy in someone to make it go away or sort it for me.

I have had a serious phobia of head lice since having them twice as a child and having nightmares for a long time about the creatures in my hair.

When Ben started scratching his head more than was just an occasional itch I knew that denial was not an option and I had to investigate further.

I had a look through when he was asleep and managed to see a live one crawling on his scalp (oh you are really itching now aren’t you)

After an immense googling session that night I became an expert on what I had to do to tackle this so thought I would share my successful method.

There are so many different methods depending what and where you look but I used the following and found I got rid of the head lice AND got over my phobia.

Tools for the job

1. There are 2 types of lotion – one that drowns the lice and one that kills them. I used the one that drowns them and stays on for 15 mins.  I am aware that it won’t kill everything and this is stage one.

2. After the lotion has been on for the required amount of time with the gel one you need to add shampoo and rub in then wash out as per instructions.  I then towel dry hair and then covered Ben’s hair in the cheap conditioner that I had mixed in lots of drops of tea tree oil.  (Insert appropriate bribes here)

3.Then using the Nitty Gritty Comb start combing the hair out – and this is where my phobia turned to fascination as all the masses of dead ones came out and the fascination turned to obsession after a live one came out to find more live ones.  I kept going until I hadn’t found any dead or alive for quite a while.  The method is one comb through with prongs on scalp to tips of hair and then wipe the comb.  (more detailed instruction come with the comb and here)

4. Wash the hair out.

5. That night I applied the conditioner mix again and combed the hair through again before bath time

6. I repeated the conditioner and combing every other night for a week until the head was clear for 2 goes.

That was it they were gone for us.

I found when I was googling so much information about the cycle of head lice and preventing and I did use Vosene Head Lice Shapmoo for a bottle after but no idea if it helped.  All I know is we got rid of them with the above.

I know many people think that the Nitty Gritty comb is too expensive or no different but it is so different and really believe me makes the job nearly a pleasure (ok I am weird I know!)

And now go and give your head a good scratch!





  1. 2 March , 2012 / 10:57 pm

    Ohhh I have been there, got the nitty gritty comb and done it all. Nitty gritty comb was really the best thing I bought to combat the dreaded things.
    The only good I learnt from it all was that it meant my kids had friends ( yay my children are liked) and clean hair.

  2. 2 March , 2012 / 11:39 pm

    eeeek, I am dreading mine getting the nits. I know it will happen sooner or later. *scratches*

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