Chances are if you have a child in the 2-5 age range then you know who Mike the Knight is already.  We missed it at first not being home during the day much but after hearing friends talk about it I recoreded an episode for Ben to watch.  It only took one viewing to start the obsession.

He wanted to be a Knight (and do it right!) so that Sunday morning I was cast as the role of a dragon (very fitting pre 9 a.m. on a sunday) and started cutting out a cheerios box.

He needed a belt, helmet, sword and shield

We luckily already had a Galahad (Mike’s horse) that used to be my own hobby horse.  And Ben the Knight was born

On the Monday he went off to nursery…I was a bit concerned if their toy gun policy covered cardboard knives

It just shows you that they are just as happy with a cereal box costume as a £20+ bought one, hopefully this continues

The Mike the Knight website has some activities on I discovered today, so we will be printing off some colouring sheets I think and fuel the obsession a bit more.

And as usual the cats had to be in on it too

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