Go get the Timehop App…

I love it when I find a really good app, it doesn’t happen often, as I tend to stick with what I have and am a bit mean now when it comes to buying new apps.

Alison over at Not Another Mummy Blog tweeted about the Timehop last year and I went to have a look.  It is free and available on Android and IOS.

You connect the social media you want to it (the usual twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr amd 4square) and every day it shows you what you posts a year before on them. It goes back every year since you started using that network. It also shows your camera roll.

I am so loving seeing my photos and status updates, some are the same every year (especially over Christmas) same questions about kids party etiquette I can’t remember the answer to.  But also seeing Ben growing up through the years is brilliant.




  1. 25 February , 2013 / 10:30 pm

    I just got this app too and I think it’s great! So nice to see what I was doing a couple of years ago and a great way to track the kids’ development

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      25 February , 2013 / 10:33 pm

      Yes I have been loving the weather side of it too, seeing the snow last year.And it is ridiculous the amount of times I am tweeting the same thing at the same point in the year too.

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