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Friday Night Lights on Netflix

It has been a while since I found a new series to watch, one that has multiple seasons just sitting on Netflix waiting for your to devour. I saw Molly over from Mother's Always Right mention Friday Night Lights on her Instagram recently and went over to Netflix to...

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Netflix and us

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV in this house.  I recently gave Ben (age 7) the choice of keeping the TiVo box so he can rewind and pause the freeview channels, or keeping the Netflix subscription as they are the same cost per month.  He quickly chose Netflix....

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Apps for a Mac

So after always being a windows PC owner and the closed I have been to a Mac is my iPhone and iPad, this month I became the owner of the most gorgeous brilliant MacBook Air. My desktop PC was 2nd hand when I got it, and every time the temp got a big higher outside it...

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Do you know what this is?

A few weeks ago I put a post up on Facebook "It is great now that Ben can build whole Lego sets himself, I am only needed every now and again for my nails to separate bits he can't" And then the comments came rolling in... "Why don't you have a Lego separator?"...

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3 handy tools for blogs

What WordPress theme is that? Ever seen a WordPress blog and loved the theme, but there is no link at the bottom of a site to find out what it is?  Here is a site that will tell you simply by putting in the domain.   It will also tell you some of the plugins used on a...

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Go get the Timehop App…

I love it when I find a really good app, it doesn't happen often, as I tend to stick with what I have and am a bit mean now when it comes to buying new apps. Alison over at Not Another Mummy Blog tweeted about the Timehop last year and I went to have a look.  It is...

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