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All of the shops are full of Halloween costumes at the moment.  But the trouble is, everyone ends up looking the same at the kids parties and events.

But it can be overwhelming to try and think of a costume to make at home that doesn’t involve expensive trips to the craft shop for a load of equipment and it can end up being more costly than buying a ready made costume.

When Ben needed a costume for nursery, and being pig headed I wanted to make something.  But it needed to be easy, quick and cheap!

So I decided on a spider.

This can be made for any age – adults too!

What you need is:

  • Black outfit, t shirt, leggings, jeans, tights, whatever you have.  I dyed some old jeans as buying black kids trousers was tricky. But leggings are perfect.
  • 2 pairs of cheap black opaque tights. Value supermarket ones are idea.
  • Some newspaper
  • Some silver/white wool/thread.

Stuff the tights with newspapers to make the 4 additional arms, you can shape them if you want at an angle by sewing them. But thats just if you want to /have the time/patience.

Cut off the end of the tights when stuffed so they are about the same length as the persons arms.  Tie in a knot and then sew the knot onto the t shirt seam. 2 each side under the arms on the t shirt.

Then to make the extra spider arms move sew thread through a couple of points up them and sew these to the t shirt arms. And when the real arm moves, so will the fake ones!

I then added some silver ‘web’ to the t shirt with thread randomly sewed on across it.

Ben loved having the extra arms, thinking it was great fun!

For an older child (or one who didn’t hate having his face painted) you could paint the face or paint spiders webs on it too!

Ben Spider

The photo was taken at the end of the day and sadly the thread attaching the arms didn’t survive a rough 2 year old!  He doesn’t look terribly impressed I know, but he was!! The sad face was that all the chocolate had gone from the apple, and he was just left with apple!

This Halloween Pink Lining are on the lookout for inexpensive homemade costumes. Think sheet ghosts, toilet paper mummies and sock octopi! They are giving away a Pink Lining Child’s Wheelie Case for their favourite outfit.

To enter the competition go have a look here – it really doesn’t have to be fancy, but back to basics, with sheets, cardboard boxes and other junk!

In collaboration with Pink Lining

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