I live in a rented house and I know for a lot of people in this situation they don’t see the point of spending money on painting or improving the property.  But I have always felt that to make a house mine I need to redecorate it to make it home.

I have been living here for 18 months now and have decorated both Ben’s and my bedroom leaving the only room upstairs the bathroom to do.  As you can see from my bedroom I love dark colours, I don’t really do pastels.

The bathroom was a pale, tired blue with the woodwork an extremely old and sad yellow (It was white gloss many moons ago I assume) and the floor a worn fake wood vinyl.  The walls have hideous uneven artex on, it basically looks like someone gave a small child a tub of porridge to add to the walls.

But the positive is that the tiles and suite are white.  As with most things I didn’t have much to spend and wanted to try and cut as many corners as possible using accessories & paint I already had.

The bathroom doesn’t have a window and has a rather glaring spotlight.  The main colour was decided by the paint I had under the stairs left over from previous decorating.

So the before photos


You will notice the really grotty silicone around the bath, I had tried to patch and cover it several times but it was always a bad job, so I decided to remove it all this time and start again.  What I didn’t realise was that there was a plastic strip under it all that needed cut out and under that…well this…

It took a few hours in total to remove and pick and scrape this off!

And the after…


I did the main decorating in an afternoon and then did the flooring in a spare hour and then finishing the awkward edges that evening.




I had intended on doing the floor in black and white checker board design but then realised it would have been too much in a small space so went with all black.  (£2.98 for a pack of six from B&Q)

I already had the red towels and mat, I did buy the soap and toothbrush holder (£4 and £2 in TK Max) The 2 pictures were both new from eBay, slightly extravagant at £16 for the 2)

The red paint was left over from a previous kitchen in a different house as was the gloss, I did buy some proper bathroom paint for the white walls (Dulux £11)

And now I have a lovely place to go light candles and relax after a long day.





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