Can it be flip flop weather soon please?

OK, put your hands up if you are so fed up of the cold and grey skies. Every morning I take Ben into school and he has to line up, all the parents / grandparents/carers stand with the children and the main topic of conversation for what seems like forever has been how cold it is still.

We’ve stood there in our snow gear, hats, scarves and gloves, unable to feel your toes through the 2 pairs of socks and fur lined boots. And each week we hope that it will be a bit better next week, and still we wait.

For many people wanting to get away from this cold weather they will use a credit card to buy themselves a bit of sunshine before it arrives here (IT WILL ARRIVE HERE.)

Using an app I can see what I posted on various social media sites a year ago, it is a bit of a ritual in the morning to click it and see what was happening this time last year. This morning it was an image of me in shorts and flip flops for the first time that year.

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This morning I went to do the school run in snow coat, wool socks, jeans, a few layers, scarf and gloves. And we stood and said how cold it was.

I just want it to warm up, even a bit, just enough to get out in the garden and start planting seeds, or it will end up being October before I have any tomato plants with actual red tomatoes on. To not have the heater on in the car full blast to thaw out my toes every day.

One of the only things I am holding out for with all this cold is that the summer will be amazing. I cannot wait for the weekends down the beach, or getting out on the bike with Ben on the tag along, or me out running and him scooting. And all in shorts, I cannot wait for shorts and flip flop weather.

The better weather just always feels so much easier, not coming in and hanging coats up, not asking where his other glove has gone…again. Hopefully him not coming home every day looking like he has been rolling around in the mud.

If people are savvy and get the best credit card rewards then this can go a long way to buy the shorts and flip flop for the holiday.