Bobble versus Brita Water Bottle Reviews

When I did the paleo thing and stopped drinking anything but black coffee and water I decided I needed to have good tasting water.  And well O.K I used this as an excuse to go buy new gadgets.

auteur-bobble-water-bottle-greenFirst of all I bought a bobble bottle, I got a 1 litre one.  It was a really simple fill with water, squeeze out once then refill and go.  Drinking from it is also easy of pull up the cap (I never used the lid) and drink. The bottle itself is squeezy so you can squish it whilst sucking the water out.  I then tend to unscrew the cap to let air back in.

The filters should be replaced every 2 months or 40 gallons/150 litres and cost around £5.  The 1 litre bottles are around £11 but you can get a few smaller sizes too.


fillandgo_eshop_blue_01Next (because I am a marketers dream) I purchased a Brita Fill&Go water filter bottle.  This comes with the option of using it with a straw inside or you can use without and tip it up.  The bottle is solid with an attached lid.

The bottle comes with 4 discs that last a week each and then cost around £10 for a pack of 8.

I tried really hard to get on with this bottle but I just couldn’t get it to work well.  The discs need to be soaked but then I found they still didn’t let the water through well.  And often on opening the lid water would run out and soak you.  I tried it with the straw and without but just couldn’t get it to work as I wanted/needed it to.  It has now be put in the great tupperware drawer in the kitchen.

I don’t do faff very well and maybe this was part of the reason I didn’t get on with the Brita, the having to change filter every week and soak.  And it wouldn’t reliably work.

I have also tried the bobble jug, and I am sad to say (as it is so cool looking!) was for me total style over substance.  It takes so long for the water to drain through the filter that you can only put a teeny trickle into it. Meaning standing at the tap for ages (A FAFF!) the only way to sort this was to re-soak the filter each time for 5-10 minutes. I DON’T HAVE THIS AMOUNT OF TIME!

The Brita water jugs are better as they have the top reserve to fill and then lob it into the fridge, no waiting.

So bobble v’s brita it seems for water bottle, bobble win, for jugs brita do.



  1. 30 August , 2014 / 4:56 pm

    Thanks, this came in handy! Just bought the Bobble while standing in the aisle and reading this. I like that you explained the full customer journey. And yes I am a marketer.

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