Tried & tested Paleo recipes

I have tried out a few recipes so far that have been brilliant.  My main source of seeking them out has been social media and Google.  Pinterest is brilliant as so much on there, you can search for specific recipes.

Paleo Gravy

My first major quest was for some simple gravy I could have with a roast chicken dinner, as you can’t eat a roast without gravy. (It’s the law)  I can’t find the site I found this on now (have since been more obsessive about saving recipes!) but it was really simple.

Boil onions in chicken stock for 30 minutes and then blend.  The clever thing is it goes thick and with no onion lumps. And just tastes of chicken.

I did ‘cheat’ by buying ready made paleo friendly chicken stock as I don;t get on well with bones and stuff to make chicken stock.

Paleo Bread

I had a fail attempt of making flax seed bread, it turned out ok but it didn’t taste or have the texture of anything my brain was willing to accept as bread.

Then a friend over on Facebook  posted a link to paleo bread on Mom cooking paleo gluten free site.  The author raved about it so I went paleo baking shopping to get the ingredients and gave it a try.

Paleo Bread

It turned out so well, the texture was brilliant and it toasted really well. With butter on it was a real treat.  I had some with poached eggs for breakfast the next morning.

Paleo Chocolate chip cookies

During the strict 30 days I hadn’t had any sugar or sugar substitute except in natural form of actual fruit. But once the 30 days were up I decided to try and find a great cookie recipe.  After extensive searching I decided to try this one at Running to the Kitchen

I used Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate (the most paleo friendly I had access to, it has no soy lecithin in it.)  Being someone who was a cadburys milk chocolate addict I really wasn’t sure what I would make of dark chocolate at all.  I didn’t try any before I had made them as was too nervous in case I hated it.

The recipe was really easy to do (perfect for me then) and they turned out to be totally amazing.  The texture was just crisp enough on the outside but soft inside. The chocolate was perfect too.  I fully admit I ate the first batch that day.

Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies recipe

I made a double batch the following day to take to Crossfit to make sure it wasn’t my sugar deprived taste buds thinking they were that good. And paleo and non paleo eaters gave positive feedback.

Paleo banana & chocolate bread

I used the recipe here for a starting point.  But I changed it a bit so it was

3 ripe bananas
3 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon honey
¼ cup coconut oil
2 cups almond flour or meal
¼ tsp. sea salt
1 tsp baking soda (bicarbonate of soda in UK)
50g green & blacks 85%  dark chocolate grated / crushed (I used an attachment for hand blender to do this)

Mix bananas, eggs, vanilla, honey and coconut oil (I used a hand blender

Mix in flour, salt, chocolate and baking soda (I used a hand whisk)

Place in a loaf tin

Bake at 350 – now mine has taken about 45 -60 minutes to cook, so keep checking on it

Paleo chocolate & banana bread

This turned out really well, the bitterness of the chocolate against the sweetness of the banana is great.

Non paleo people have really rated it too.


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