Automoblox Car Review from Play Merrily Toyshop

Ben was recently sent an amazing Automoblox Wooden Car to review by Merrily from Play Merrily Toy Shop

The first this to note about the Automoblox Car is it is so well made, a beautiful combination of smooth wood and plastic and rubber.  It just shouts good quality at you when you open the box

.Manhattan Toy

You can buy a stand alone car and either just play with that or buy other cars and bits to mix and match and extend the fun.


On opening the parcel Ben’s reaction was “Wow it is a car in bits!” It is well known of the love my boy has for cars and add to that a car that you can take  apart and put back together he was very happy.

Manhattan Toy Manhattan Toy

The car has a few really lovely touches, its own VIN number you can register online, the tyres have 2 sides for off roading and sleek racing – (also think my Dad was rather impressed with this!)

The 4 people in the car all have different shaped bases that match the seats so again a small but clever touch of shape sorting to add to the imaginative play of the item.

Ben has really enjoyed playing with this, his favorite bit is taking off the tyres and replacing them, piling them up and knocking the pile over and after each time he has carefully packed it back up in its box (Oh I have him well-trained ;o)) ready for next time.

He has also spent a good while going through the leaflet that comes with it discussing all the options for other bits and cars and colours.

Play Merrily Toy Shop

This toy will be enjoyed here for many years to come and such a refreshing change of great quality.

I was sent the Automoblox Car for free to review, but all opinions & comments expressed and the small boy belong to me



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