I mean would like obviously, not want, that is rude and grabby…

But my wishes are quite simple, expensive but simple.  But you know you have to aim high with these sorts of things…

1. Hush Piped Silk Pyjamas – £150

They are star print, do I need to explain anymore?  I am imagining myself wearing these in a beautifully designed bedroom all grey and white bedding, no cats, small children or biscuit crumbs to be seen. (Clearly not my house then)

So I think they are probably best left until the above place exists in my world.  #waitingalongtimethen

2. Dyson Hairdryer – £299

I am obsessed with the idea of one of these (not the pink one obviously.) The discussions online about if they were ‘just’ £200 it could be reasonable. But £300? Nope.

But it doesn’t matter or stop the dreaming, again in that lovely grey and white bedroom, crumbs and cat free, with hours each morning to sit and perfectly blow dry my hair, before opening my walk in wardrobe to choose an outfit that is magically ironed and hanging there waiting.

3. Oral B Rose Gold GENIUS 9000- Was £280, currently £99 

We made the switch to an electric toothbrush a year ago, a basic Oral B. The first time you use an electric tooth brush after switching from a manual you do that swipe your tongue over your teeth and can feel the difference.

This model is all sorts of fancy, you can connect it up to an app on your phone via bluetooth and it will tell you where to brush in your mouth and for how long #geektastic. It has all the usual Oral B advantages of a great brush, superior oscillating-rotating and pulsating technology, and was recently voted the Which Best Buy 2016.

It also comes with a fancy pants case that you can charge your phone with!


4. Bella Jane – Eternal star bracelet £43

I saw these being stacked by Kat from Does my Bum Look 40 in this? on her Instagram and it swiftly got stalked to the store (thanks for tagging them Kat) and then added to the ‘it might actually happen’ list. 

Stars and a bit shiny, basically ticks all the major boxes.

5. Hush – Crystal Wrap Bracelet £15

What was I saying about stars and shiny? And this is so affordable. Can be worn casually or dressed up. Love the dark grey behind it, grey is my new thing. Well black is always my thing, but I can accept that grey now has a place in my wardrobe. Maybe one day colour will creep in there too. Maybe.

Great stocking filler.

5. Zatchels – Damson Leather Shopper – £120

Ever since the whole having to buy carrier bags thing I have started using a shopper bag as a day handbag. It is so great to just sling any shopping in, your purse, phone, Mac and basically half the house.

And since the whole starting of bullet journalling in a massive A5 filofax, a small bag doesn’t cut it.

I have gone through 2 cheaper bags, and now I am committed to this size I feel a proper leather bag that can come with being over filled, bashed around and will age beautifully is in order.

Thanks to Oral B for sending me one of their toothbrushes to try out, everyones teeth in the house are super clean.  The cats wouldn’t co-operate though.  Probably due to my wanting a cat free bedroom to wear my imaginary silk pjs in whilst drying my hair.  

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