I have blogged before about Single Parent issues, about the proposed changes to the CSA (some positive news here on that) and also I started the campaign Single Parents are Brilliant.

This week the news has been filled with stories about benefit capping, and of course this then means that twitter is full of tweets about the issues.

You have the side that feels it is right and fair as people should have to work hard for their money and not be given hand outs for sitting watching tv all day.

Then there is the opposing view that capping benefits will leave many larger families in poverty, and the main people affected will be children.

As is often the case with anything to do with benefits some people decide to forget the common sense view that the majority of people claiming benefits are not ‘work shy scroungers’ (not my choice of words) and they then start tweeting about how people should go and do a days work before complaining they haven’t got enough money.

I was really surprised yesterday to read the fact that now 55% of people claiming housing benefit are working.  (Thanks to Dr Eoin Clarke for the link info)

I am not going to deny that there are of course people out there abusing the system, but this happens IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE (cough cough bankers cough cough) but the majority of people in life are good and honest.  And that isn’t me being naïve, it is I believe the reality of this situation.

Most people who claim benefits do it not through choice, of wanting to spend their lives dependent on benefits, they do it as they have had a tough time through disability, marriage ending, abuse, illness and other tough life situations that no one wants or imagines when they are making plans.

But I am also very aware (and touchy) about the fact that there are so many people out there working who cannot earn enough in their job to pay the bills and rent and feed their child.  It is not about getting a different job, if only it were that simple.  The only way I will ever be able to be 100% off benefits is if I win the lottery (which I don’t do) or find a rich husband.  Those are my options as I am not suddenly going to start earning £50,000 a year.  Ruth over at Lemonade Life worked out that figure when she was posted about life on benefits here.

So maybe before people start on this benefit bashing again, have a think of who the majority of people who claim benefits are and what they do and why they claim them.

Oh and also just a thought but unless you send your child benefit back YOU are also claiming benefits.  Oh but that is different isn’t it?



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