I am a Mummy to an 9 year old, I work  restoring calm online, I write, I take photos, I try and persuade my child to eat something other than cream crackers, I clean up after, shout at & snuggle a cat, a puppy and 2 guinea pigs.

I have an active on-line life and currently run a small parenting & a lifestyle  forum, add to that Twitter, Facebook and here, and my iPhone and/or MacBook are never too far away *addicted*

I kept an on-line baby diary from before Ben was born, I then restarted entries during the toddler years. This 2 stars and a swirl blog was launched in February 2011 and is a place for me to write, have photos, reviews things, raise awareness and share bits of me and what I like.

The Boy

LEGO.  Star Wars.

Some other bits in between like (bloody) Match Attax , Netflix, Cubs, Famous Five, Karate, Dimensions and Oreos.

The Kittens

Dodge is evil and thinks he is a hard cat, he isn’t.  He was a feral teeny kitten that a vet said wouldn’t make it, 9 years on he is making it just fine. he will kill you if you try and move him from my bed.

Charger is just so pretty, docile and loving. But he  didn’t win any prizes at cat school, he is a disaster, from the knocking things over, to the peeing next to the litter tray. But a more child friendly cat you will not find.

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