I am a Mummy to an 10 year old, I work  restoring calm online, I write, I take photos, I try and persuade my child to eat something other than cream crackers, I clean up after, shout at & snuggle a cat, a puppy and 2 guinea pigs.

I have an active on-line life and currently run a small parenting & a lifestyle  forum, add to that Twitter, Facebook and here, and my iPhone and/or MacBook are never too far away *addicted*

I kept an on-line baby diary from before Ben was born, I then restarted entries during the toddler years. This 2 stars and a swirl blog was launched in February 2011 and is a place for me to write, have photos, reviews things, raise awareness and share bits of me and what I like.

The Small Boy

LEGO.  Star Wars.

Some other bits in between like (bloody) Pokemon , Netflix, Cubs, Famous Five, Karate, Fifa and Oreos.

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