We can do just about everything online these days to make our lives easier. It saves time and often gives us more choice.  We can fit in more activities in less time.

No longer do we have to traipse around shops looking for perfect outfits, or gadgets. We just open Google and it is all there is a few clicks.  And you can quickly see where the best prices are, what things look like on models, see if you can get the item cheaper second hand etc.  And then no parking costs – they arrive at your door the next day if you wish!

It has made work easier, my job as a website builder using WordPress wouldn’t have existed in the same way it does now, and the ability to teach myself new techniques and solve problems wouldn’t happen without all the online communities that exist out there.  I can get support to other WordPress users in forums, and also share my knowledge too.

Our free time has also changed so much, where we had to leave the house to socialise with friends and see them, now with social media and smart phones we can stay in touch, and even video chat with them.  No one has to feel isolated anymore, as whatever their interests they can find like minded people out there online.

Another huge part of online culture is online gaming and casinos.  It used to be that to go to a casino and bet on games you had to get dressed up and go to private members clubs.  But now you don’t have to be part of exclusive clubs to join in.  You can experience  an online casino game on NetBet just by registering on the site.  Once you are logged in you can play a variety of different games.



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