He is obsessed.

And I have to say as toys go, I fully support the Lego obsession Ben has.  His bedroom is a bit ridiculous, once a week I/we clear the floor, but then within 2 days it is back to more Lego than carpet.

But he loves it, every morning he gets up and he plays for as long as he can before breakfast, he invents new things, rein-acts Star Wars, sorts out who are the good guys for the day and the latest is taking the mini figures apart and changing them all around.


The space under his bed in filled with Lego sets and they all have turns coming out to be played with, and some are taken apart.  But mainly they stay together, and it is just small ships and cars that created out of all the loose bits we have.


I made the mini figure display above, and as much as I would love it to be ordered by type/rows, sadly a 6 year old doesn’t share this level of OCD (yet)

We recently sold Ben’s collection of Lighting McQueen toys and cars to make way for more Lego, and as much as I think, yes one day the Lego will go.  I have a feeling it won’t.

We keep all the instructions (did I mention the OCD?) in a folder, in number and type order, this I think makes me feel a tiny bit like I have control of it all.

As toys go, and over the last 6 1/2 years I do love Lego, it makes Ben so happy and in turn makes me happy (the peace and quiet it buys is a huge bonus!)

I can do without the Lego stuck to my bare feet thing though!

Thanks to Asda Direct for treating Ben to a couple of new Lego items


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